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What Kind of Camera Do You Have?

Most folks now-a-days are budding photographers, finding the creative juices behind the viewfinder that they never knew they had..... The market for digital cameras continues to explode, and prices for products that were once beyind the realm for the majority of the population are now plummeting into acceptable pro-sumer ranges.

I started this adventure with an analog Canon EOS Rebel SLR. It feels like eons ago. I made a brief error in judgement and flipped to a Nikon of the same caliber, and realized quickly that I am indeed a Canon girl. I managed to trade the Nikon in (without loosing too much value ) on my first Canon Rebel DSLR.  Back then, I wasn't as savvy about lenses as I am now, and I had a plethora of cheap, fun glass.

I've now got a Canon 30D, and it's my best digital friend. I've got decent lenses, and a lovely relationship with a kind lady at Henrys.

Oh - and for those adventures where you need to put a camera in your pocket.....a Canon Powershot SD800 

There are times when I lust after different camera bits and pieces, and on those occasions, Vistek is the ultimate plate to rent components of your dreams. 

What kind of camera do *you* have? 

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Reader Comments (2)


I'm still using an old-fashioned Canon AE-1 & have the slides (Fujichrome) scanned at the drugstore (low-res), or at a professional photo lab (hi-res). I just established contact with a gallery located in Cork, Ireland. (I'd love to work with a hi-res digicam, though. Btw, do you know the web site of the Gigapxl Project []? They have really amazing images on display at their site.)



August 14, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterClaus

Thanks Claus! That link has some amazing photos!
Slides! Wow! I need to try that!

Thanks for the posting!

August 14, 2007 | Registered Commenterjules

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