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Photographing Babies




Cameras and Concerts

At the Hilary Duff concert on the weekend, I was searched for a camera.  Of course, as the smartie I thought I was, I didn't bring one. Yet, when the lights dimmed, and the chanteuse took to the stage, hundreds of camera flashbulbs flickered throughout the audience. Wow, now that's tight security.

But in an era when every cellphone available now has a built in camera, how long will security even be able to ask the camera question at the ticket queue?

Participatory photojournalism will make every ticketholder a potential contributor. Gone goes image control at public venues.  Imagine the possibilities.

Innovative Photo Use

Imagine, a wee business card, or tag, or anything, with your art on one side, and your words on the other.  All for only $20 for 100 of them? Really really.
Definately not your traditional business card.

MOO | MiniCards - Print mini business cards using your images

How Many Images Do You Shoot per Week?

The Digital Photography School has an interesting question regarding the volumes of photos you take on a weekly basis.
Depending on the week, I could shoot as many as 900 photos (I've got 1127 from the past 4 days of vacation to still unload).

So - what's your answer?  How much memory do you use? Are you a weekend photo warrior, or are you a daily shooter?

How Many Images Do You Shoot Per Week?

What Do You Do With 67,000 Pictures?

Since I first bought a digital camera (way back in early 2001), I've taken approximately 67,000 photographs.  Granted, about 1/2 of those are in the digital dustbin, but the remainder, even those that you wouldn't necessarily print, are safely stored and backed up for posterity (and to torment kids with when they become adults).

Recently I've become interested in the plethora of on-line stock photography sites that seem to be popping up to meet the huge glut of digital imagery that people are lugging around with them. With these sites, you can *sell* your images, and turn the expense of taking photos into a tidy revenue stream.

I've been researching a few so far, to determine who's got the best bang for the buck. Bit it's been tricky, not all stock photography buying sites are created equally.  Some value exclusivity over quality, some value a *pyramid* type relationship, where the more friends you bring on, the bigger cut of *their* pie you get as well.  Some simply just take the scattergun approach and suggest that you upload everything, and let the chips fall where they may.

The ones that seem to have twigged my fancy:
A few months ago a friend had put me onto, and I spent a few days looking at it without making any commitments..... Now, over the next week or so, I will have to whittle down the choices and step up to the plate.


Thinking About a Lensbaby

I like the idea of doing silly blurry magic.
Normally everything that I do is post production, or involved a 50 mm lens with a f1.4 aperture which, some days,  behaves better than others.

Lensbabies could possibly take pre-production to a new level.
Are they hokey?  Or are they neat?

Capturing Summer

It slips by so very fast - it's hard to measure any more, summer speeds. Please enjoy the Capturing Summer Gallery.



The Wedding of David and Keri

After much ado, I am pleased to provide the images from David and Keri's Wedding. Please explore the gallery.


Deep Apple Thoughts

Over the weekend, I received a neat, wee gift - a copy of Aperture. The trick - it's software that's only available on Macintosh. After various compelling discussions with various odd people over the past few months, it's only going to be a matter of time before I end up jumping back into the Apple boat.  I can see it now... if only for photography related applications.  It's going to be a hard pill to swallow, as I haven't worked on a Mac in more than a dozen years. Yeesh, and that was whay back when you had to coax a Mac to play on the internet.



What Kind of Camera Do You Have?

Most folks now-a-days are budding photographers, finding the creative juices behind the viewfinder that they never knew they had..... The market for digital cameras continues to explode, and prices for products that were once beyind the realm for the majority of the population are now plummeting into acceptable pro-sumer ranges.

I started this adventure with an analog Canon EOS Rebel SLR. It feels like eons ago. I made a brief error in judgement and flipped to a Nikon of the same caliber, and realized quickly that I am indeed a Canon girl. I managed to trade the Nikon in (without loosing too much value ) on my first Canon Rebel DSLR.  Back then, I wasn't as savvy about lenses as I am now, and I had a plethora of cheap, fun glass.

I've now got a Canon 30D, and it's my best digital friend. I've got decent lenses, and a lovely relationship with a kind lady at Henrys.

Oh - and for those adventures where you need to put a camera in your pocket.....a Canon Powershot SD800 

There are times when I lust after different camera bits and pieces, and on those occasions, Vistek is the ultimate plate to rent components of your dreams. 

What kind of camera do *you* have? 


The Legalities of Photography

One of the tricks, when you decide that you are ready to do something a wee bit more formal than than taking photos of the neighbour's kids is to realize what sorts of legal capers you can get wrapped up in with regards to photographing images that you don't own.

A quick search of the world results in some worthy discussion of legal releases, waivers, "get out of jail almost free" options. 

Photosecrets has a review of when you need to have your subjects sign a release. Dan Heller has a great article on when you need a release as well. That being said, if you are still not convinced, nothing beats having authentic legal advice.


Holy Moley - Here We Are!

Welcome to Floobergeist Fotos, where the world really is your way, the way you want it to be, and on your terms.  No more mambsy pamby memories. These are 100% free range fotos.

Stay tuned as we grow! 


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