Review: Samsung TL500
Sunday, February 13, 2011 at 08:20PM

Now that I'm a month into using my new Samsung TL500, I've got to say... I LOVE IT.

It has just replaced a Canon Elph 1000IS that used to be my *bar camera*... or any time I didn't want to lug around the monster 5D.

The good? The uber fast lens is killer in low light. The shutter is delish. The camera just *feels good*. Settings are a piece of cake... It's got "lazy" settings as well as full manual options. I actually like some of the lazy settings, and have had a bit of fun with the built in filters and post-production corrective/enhancement options. :-)

The ISO reaches 1600, but the noise is very noticeable at that level. Even 800 is pushing it for noise effect. Flash usage is good, and I appreciate being able to turn the flash off via a button on the camera body, as opposed to having to dig through software menus.

The Bad: It's a big camera. It's not going to fit in your back pocket. The zoom is acceptible, but it could be stronger. Video is SD, and only 640x480, but is a nice little addition to have. You aren't going to be filming an episode of House with this little devil.

All in all - I am thrilled with it. It comes everywhere with me. :-D

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